Donald B. Stephens - my story

My Work


I spent most of my life never knowing my talent for writing or my love of reading. I was your typical male growing up in the 70s, and more interested in rock and roll, girls, and getting into trouble, than wasting my time with books. I eventually found my way out of trouble before landing in a job with the Xerox Corporation, where I worked for 34 years. A decade ago I went back to school and found out that I had a way with the keyboard of a computer. I've been writing ever since. I've finished three novels and have several others in the works. I retired from field service at the beginning of 2020 and now consider myself a full-time freelance writer, or professional content provider, if you prefer. ;)  

My Community


When I first explored writing, I joined a website called "Authonomy", which is now a defunct site where writers would meet other writers from around the world to share experiences and learn from one another. I still keep in contact with a few of those wonderfully creative people on Facebook and I owe much to many of them. If you're a writer who would like to correspond, I would enjoy the chance to get to know you better. My contact page isn't just for new business.

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Please, let me know if anyone visiting this page would like more content from this site. I'm not opposed to a blog or newsletter, but I'm a practical man and a busy man. I need to know if it is worth my effort to provide more content. Thanks.