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         In the ever-changing realm of communication, there is a constant; people will tune-out when they become bored. Our modern attentions are pulled in a different direction every minute. A good writer captures your mind, putting all other thoughts on hold until the story is finished. 

         Fiction and non-fiction writers alike need to guide readers from point A to point Z, making them anxiously anticipate each letter along the way. My goal as a writer is to entertain as well as inform - to keep each potential reader zeroed in on where the writing is leading. 

        When a reader enjoys a blog post, article, or (insert form of writing here:) they are more likely to return to that site than if they only found a few semi-interesting facts by skimming over a sub-par article. They're also more likely to see what else the publication has to offer.

        Please, take a few moments to view my work and see if I might be a good fit for publication. I'd love to see what I could do for you.


Some of my work

The Art of the First Impression


This is a piece I did for my own company.

Help For New Hires


I've written for Field Service Digital for several years now. This is one of my most recent.

The Money Shot


My favorite freelance job to date. I interviewed Richard Shoup, the father of computer animation.

Mobile Services Roll-out


An article for Panasonic, USA on the difficulties of introducing new technologies to employees. 

Are Customers our Friends?


One of my first for FSD.

Company Culture

Written for the human resources site "Rework"

Written for the human resources site "Rework".